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New: Plastic Roman Auxiliaries!

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Back again in a funky new Hail Caesar box, these plastic Auxiliaries have now been joined by an all new metal command group.  No Roman army should be without the steadfast Auxilia – you can get hold of yours here.



Warlord’s Auxiliaries can used in any region where the might of the Roman War Machine trod its iron-studded sandals. On our box art we show a unit of Celtic Auxiliaries stationed in the Middle East, policing people who didn’t want policing – just one of the many tough tasks carried out by the Auxilia.


Our 20 plastic auxiliaries are equipped in chainmail and carry the hasta stabbing spear and gladius shortsword. They carry the trademark oval shield and could be seen on the battlefield supporting the Legions or as an independent force in their own right. Plus every box includes a lovely metal Command Group – Optio, Centurion, standard bearer and hornblower!


Pick up a box of auxiliaries here in the webstore!

Roman Starter Offers

Roman Box

The Roman Forces of Marcus Spandex£229.00

Legions of Rome Deal£100.00

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Celtic Hordes of Chief Bagotrix£359.00

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