New: Bolt Action German MG34 teams!

Adding fire power to your German forces are these two-man teams armed with MG34 light machine guns. Suitable for early and mid war especially, these will provide great support for the forces of the Third Reich.


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Early War Germans

Further build your Early War collection with a German Rifle Squad. Full squad consists of 2 NCOs with MP38 Sub Machine Guns, 2-man MG34 LMG team, 6 riflemen, plus an anti-tank rifleman.

Paint Set

Of course, you’ll also need something to paint your new soldats with! Here’s our Early War German paint set to get your troops done and on the battlefield!

Early War German paint setPurchase here in the webstore.

• German Tankcrew II – Field Grau (Vallejo Panzer Aces 335): Tunic (can also be used for trousers)

• London Grey (Vallejo 836): Trousers

• Black (Vallejo 950): Webbing and boots

• Khaki (Vallejo 998): Breadbag

• German Camo Dark Green (Vallejo 979): Helmet, tunic collar, epaulettes and gasmask container

• Flat Earth (Vallejo 983): Canteen

• Green Grey (Vallejo 886): Gas Cape pouch