New: Anglo-Zulu Wars barricades!

Ever since we made our huge Rorke’s Drift! and Horns of the Buffalo sets available for our Anglo-Zulu War range we’ve been asked consistently whether we’ll be making the resin barricades available separately. Rejoice, for the time is upon you – you can now pick these pieces up on their own.

Note that the miniatures are shown for scale purposes only and aren’t included in the packs!

AZW Mealie Bag barricade set – 4 mealie bag barricades for £15

AZW Biscuit Box barricade set – 4 biscuit box barricades for £15

AZW Mixed Barricade set – 2 biscuit box and 2 mealie bag barricades for £15

Forming a key part of the defence of the aid station at Rorke’s Drift, the mealie bag redoubt is also now available to buy.