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New: Albion Triumphant, Black Powder supplement!

Chronicling the Flanders and Peninsular Campaigns during the Napoleonic Wars, Albion Triumphant is the first of two books covering the battles involving the British forces. Of course, it also looks at the French, Spanish and Portugese in depth too!

This full-colour 112 page supplement is full of army lists, scenarios, and background and is available now!

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As you’ve come to expect from Warlord Games book launches we are giving away an exclusive miniature, Warlord sculptor, Wojtek, created the special edition miniature that will be sent for free with any purchase of the new book directly from us at Warlord (via the webstore, over the phone or in person at shows – you can even drop in to see us at Warlord HQ and pick yours up in person!)

Featuring an Ensign of the Foots Guards defending the King’s colours, this plucky fellow will look great in your Guards units or as part of a command stand. The flag arm is separate so it’ll be easy to paint the Union flag or, if you prefer, remove it in favour of a different sets of colours.

112 pages of Napoleonic army lists, background, troop stats and scenarios make this an absolute must for lovers of Black Powder, of Napoleonic gaming or simply of gloriously produced wargaming books!

You will need the Black Powder rulebook (below) to use Albion Triumphant.

For those of you looking to start a new Napoleonic army, or those of you wishing to add reinforcements to your existing forces, we have a large selection of boxed sets and blister packs to help you!

For the British infantry you are ably supported in plastic by the Victrix sets below.

For noble British horsemen our friends at Perry Miniatures have some spectacular plastic cavalry sets.

For the Francophiles amongst you (Boo! Hiss!) look no further than our new plastic French Line Infantry boxed set – great quality at a great price.

Once again, the Perry Twins are masters of plastic Napoleonic cavalry with these glorious sets which can be found, along with everything else on this page, in our webstore.

For those of you wanting more Black Powder action, look no further than Pete Brown’s glorious tome that covers warfare in the 18th century, The Last Argument of Kings.

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