Name that Viking!

Our latest supplement for Hail Caesar is about to be released – an army lists book covering the periods of Late Antiquity through to Early Medieval.

To celebrate the launch of the book, penned by Hail Caesar author Rick Priestley, we’ve had the Viking miniature sculpted by our own Wojtek (he’s Polish, it can’t be helped though…) as illustrated on the front cover of said book by Peter Dennis.

As you know we tend to have a bit of fun naming these characters and here’s your chance to get in on the game…

Simply email your name for our savage Viking to us at and we’ll choose out favourite. The winner will receive a copy of both of the Hail Caesar army list books signed by author Rick Priestley’s not-so-fair hand.

You’ll no doubt be familiar with our previous special edition models:

The Roman Centurion illustrated on the front of our Hail Caesar rulebook, Titus Aduxas is only available when you buy the rulebook directly from us.

The Crimean Highlander, Big Wullie, as depicted on the cover of the Black Powder rulebook (again only available when you buy the Black Powder rulebook from us directly). Getting their hands on a Big Wullie did seem to give lots of gamers a great deal of pleasure…

Darek's Big Wullie 1

The most recent addition to our stable of special edition models is this splendid King’s Guard ensign, Hugo Raleigh. Buying the Pike & Shotte rulebook from us means you’ll receive this great miniature (plus a paper flag) for free!

Now you’ve seen what has gone before we look forward to an in-box of bad puns and terrible names.

Closing date for the competition is 14th June.