Kickstarter: Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters is a new miniature game from Altered Reality Games and will be distributed by Warlord Games.

Gods and Monsters Box Front

The project is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The game hosts a vast array of masterfully detailed pre-assembled miniatures, ranging from the 28mm Devoted to the titanic 127mm Heralds. You choose your army lists, play style, and powers through custom deck building that reflects your god’s personality and province. With forces summoned onto the tabletop as you play, fluctuating turn order, and a diverse number of Mythos to choose from, this is easily one of the most intriguing and unique games to grace the tabletop.

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About the Game

Throughout the ages, certain people have been able to tap into hidden power from beyond: shamen, magicians, heroes and legends. Written about in lost tomes, man has sought this power through the ages, yet only a handful have ever found it… until recently.

Gods and Monsters Card

Why the walls between worlds collapsed, no-one knows for sure – but certain individuals suddenly found that they possessed the power to alter reality. When these individuals started to shape the world to their liking, they soon came into conflict with one another. They began to battle for the one resource they could not create – the power from beyond. Wherever the walls of this world are thin, wherever this power leaks into our existence, Gods and Monsters will clash for control of it

Gods and Monsters Box

You will assume the role of one of the new ‘gods’ and assemble your followers, monsters, and powers into a 60 card deck. You will spend your power by summoning troops, performing miracles and hindering your opponent while your search the area for wells of power. Whose vision will become reality? You decide in Gods and Monsters.

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