Imperial Roman Legionary sprue unveiled!

We’ve teased and tantalized you with close up images of our plastic sprues for the last few days but we reckon you’re now ready for the full thing!

There will be two types of sprue in our Imperial Roman Legionaries boxed set – the first of our Imperial Roman plastic sets.

This first sprue is is packed with everything you’ll need to build your doughty legionaries. In additon to 3 body poses there are options for arming your troops with either gladius or pilum. We’ve also added in cool extras such as spare helmets, shields and pila – great for dioramas or modelling projects.

Imperial Roman Legionary sprue

The companion sprue to this one features all the command elements you’ll need for your unit – Centurion, standard bearer and cornicern. We’ll be showing that sprue off in the next few days – we don’t want to overload you with too much excitement do we?