Events: Warlord Games Day, Oklahoma City

It went so well that we’re doing it all again – only BIGGER!

What went so well? The first ever Warlord Games Open Day in the United States! If you were unable to get to the 2014 inaugural event, you can go to this link and see what you missed!

US Open Day 2014

We are doing it again this year in June and the event will be on a much larger scale, at least 6 times the floor space and for a much longer time period!

Warlord Games Day USA 2014 (3)

We’re happy to announce the dates are next month, 5-7 June 2015, at the fantastic Reed Center in Oklahoma City. Yes, the Open Day runs for three whole days this time!

We will start on the afternoon of 5th June at the 45th infantry Museum at 5pm. Saturday 6th we will start bright and early, at 8am. Lunch again will be provided at 12 noon for the first 100 registered individuals and the day will run late into the night. The festivities will start again on Sunday 7th June at a more respectable 9am and the event will shudder to a stop at 3 pm.

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Here is a quick list of the some of the tables you can expect to see at this huge event!

  • The Continuation War – Table Boss Michael Adams – Finns vs Russians – Bolt Action
  • Monster in the Road – Table Boss Jim Vaughn – Germans vs Russians – Bolt Action
  • Saipan – Table Boss Jodie Sires – Americans vs Japanese – Bolt Action
  • Kursk! – Table Bosses Don Myers, Carl Mayer & Jamie Lamb 16 feet by 8 Feet …must be seen to be believed! Germans vs Russians – Bolt Action
  • Operation Chariot – Table Boss Jon Russell – British vs Germans – Bolt Action
  • Little Wichita – Table Boss Jeff Lawrence – Native Americans vs US Cav – Black Powder
  • American Civil War – Table Boss Paul Long – North vs South – Black Powder
  • American War of Independence – Table Boss Jim Hagman – American vs British – Black Powder
  • English Civil War – Table Boss Larry Robinson – Parliamentarians vs Royalists – Pike and Shotte
  • 30 Years War – Table Boss Ben Odom – Dutch vs Royals – Pike and Shotte
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares – Table Boss Tony Radford – Algoryn vs Boromites – Beyond the Gates of Antares
  • Rome Invasion – Table Boss Jodie Sires – Romans vs Celts – Hail Caesar
  • Rock of the Marne WWI – Table Boss Larry Freeman and Crew – Americans vs Germans – Bolt Action
  • Witch Hunt – Table Boss Andrew Chesney – Hunters vs Witches – Witchfinder General
  • Blood on the Streets – Table Boss Mongoose Rep. – Juves vs Judges – Judge Dredd
  • Battle of the River Plate – Table Boss Mark Smith – Royal Navy vs the Graf Spee – Victory at Sea

And there will be a table set up to show you our new game TERMINATOR – Genesis!

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Another new feature this year – PRE-ORDERS! You can preorder stuff from Warlord Games, Litko and Kernals & Kandies! Go to the respective website listed below, look through all the cool stuff, send us your list of wants before May 22th and Voila! When you walk into our event your goodies will be waiting for you to purchase!

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There will be more vendors, more painting categories and prizes, seminars and even a Bolt Action tournament (right now we are settling on a 12 player tournament but if more people apply we might be able to expand this so get your reservation in now!). The total cost for this extravaganza will be only $40 for the two days or $50 if you want to attend the event and play in the tournament. There are hotel room discounts so tell all your friends – they don’t want to miss this event.

Warlord Games Day USA 2014 (1)

We are currently at 40 pre-paid players and the first 100 get a really cool swag bag and lunch on Saturday.
So to sum it up there is going to be more tables, more videos, more seminars, more categories for the painting competition, more vendors, more fun, and more hours to play, in fact the only thing missing is YOU! So mark your calendars because you do not want to miss this event next MONTH!

Further information will be posted here, on our Facebook page and via our email newsletter. If you#ve not yet signed up for the Warlord Games newsletter get on it, soldier!

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Important Links for this Event;

Sheraton Hotel – (Use the code word WARLORD when you set up your registration at the hotel)

Warlord Games

45th Infantry Museum

Reed Center

Facebook Page

Litko Game Aids

Kernels and Kandies


If you have any questions, drop us an email at or –  or call 406-579-7704