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Black Seas: Sails, Rigging & Smoke

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Looking for a further way to customise your fleet? Our Black Seas Sails packs allow you to outfit your fleets as you see fit.

Black Seas: Sails, Rigging & Smoke

Spare Sails

Each of our packs contains 9 cardboard Sails sheets broken down as follows:

  • 3 x 1st Rate Sail Sheet
  • 3 x 3rd Rate Sail Sheet
  • 3 x Frigates & Brigs Sail Sheet

There are five varieties from which to choose.


Black Seas Spare sails - barktanned

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Black Seas Spare sails - tattered

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Black Seas Spare sails - dark

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Black Seas Spare sails - mid

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Black Seas Spare sails - light

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Rigging Thread

This blister contains three bobbins of thread ideal for rigging your Black Seas ships, adding that extra depth to the already fantastically detailed miniatures.

Black Seas Rigging Thread

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Wool Markers

Wool markers play an important aspect in Black Seas. The Black and White are used to mark an activated ship after she has fired her weapons, and the fiery wool does what you might expect, denoting any ship unfortunate enough to have caught fire.

Black Seas Wool Markers

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