Beyond the Gates of Antares – Video Showcase

For those who aren’t yet subscribed to the Warlord Games YouTube channel, we’ve put-together a round-up of the past few months videos which we’ve released!

Antares Isorians video

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Game Trailer

We kicked things off with a trailer video – encompassing the Antarean universe, and giving a flavour for each of the 6 core factions outlined in the Rulebook.

‘How to Play’ series

We then tackled a ‘How to play’ video series – with none other than Rick Priestley taking the helm, and guiding you through the core mechanics of the game!

Part One – Order Dice

Part Two – Shooting

Part Three – Pinning

Part Four – The Assault

Part Five – Leaders



Faction Videos

Next, we took a closer look at the various factions of the Antarean universe – first, Warlorder Rich.D sat down with Rick to gain a little insight into each…

Next we focused on each of the 6 factions, showcasing the miniatures for each – starting with the Algoryn

Next were the Freeborn…

…and there are more to come over the next few weeks!

Chats with Rick

Warlorder Rich.C sat down with Rick and posed a few questions from the community regarding the technology and terrain of Antares…

We’re looking to release plenty more videos on the next year and beyond, including more chats with Rick, more instructional videos, hobby videos, battle reports, and much more – so keep watching!