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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Concord Armour Designer

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Following last Saturday’s official launch of ‘Beyond the Gates of Antares, we’ve created a handy tool for all you Concord players who might not have yet decided how you’d like to paint your forces!

Work out the painting scheme for your own Concord force with this fun tool – there are thousands of colour combinations to try!

As well as planning to use it to design our Concord Strike Troopers we will be using it to design colour schemes for Strike Team Leaders, specialised strike squads, Interceptor Troopers and quite frankly anything else we can imagine.


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Here are three ideas we came up with very quickly using the Armour Designer. While coming up with a design it also suggests the paint colours to use.


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Try it out, take a screen grab and post your designs up on the Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel) Facebook page for us all to see. You can locate the Armour Designer on the Gates of Antares website here…