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New: Warlord + Sarissa Paint Racks

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Able to hold over 70 pots of paint (or basing materials, glues, etc), it keeps everything all in one place – no more searching all over for that one elusive paint pot! Check out the new Warlord and Sarissa Paint racks!

Warlord Large Paint Rack

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Every gamer needs somewhere to store their paints for ease of access and this laser-cut MDF paint rack has been specially designed by Sarissa Precision to hold all popular paint bottle sizes such as Army Painter, Vallejo, Citadel and Tamiya.

The two optional side tidies will fit at least twelve brushes, sculpting tools or other utensils.

The dimensions are:
Height: 295mm
Width: 308mm
Depth: 210mm

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Small Paint Rack

If you’re starting out or adding to your collection then this 30 pot version is for you!

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It can comfortably hold up to 30 pots with two rows still being able for other useful hobby tools! Additionally on the sides are two holders capable of holding your paint brushes, glues, knifes and so forth. It has a large compartment on the top which can be used for generally anything!

The dimensions are:
Height: 190mm
Width: 350mm
Depth: 200mm

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Grab some paint whilst you’re at it!

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