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Warlord Games and Army Painter

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Before we headed to Salute this year we ran two articles about how two chaps from The Army Painter painted an army of 240 models in under a day.

Following an extraordinarily successful stand at Salute and the publishing of these two articles we were inundated with interest in these remarkable products.

Army Painter Speed Painted Romans

As a result of your interest in The Army Painter products you’ll now be able to get their supremely high quality dips, sprays, glues and scenics from our webstore.

Quick Shade dip
Army Painter Colour Sprays

About The Army Painter: GET MORE TIME FOR GAMING! As both founders of The ARMY PAINTER each have more than 10 years experience in the gaming industry and are both die-hard miniature painters and gamers – the standard of our products are the highest available which can still be purchased and afforded by mere mortals. We would not use anything but great quality ourselves, so why should our fellow gamers?

All our innovative products are designed to allow you, the wargamer, to quickly and with little effort produce stunning looking models or armies of toy soldiers – ready for gaming. It is our ethos that everybody should be allowed the opportunity to have a presentable and good looking army without necessary using half a life to finish it. Combine a Quick Shade with one of our revolutionary Colour Primers and you will see for yourself just how fast and easy it can be to finish an army.

Speed-painting has just been redefined: Get more time for gaming!