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Wargames Illustrated: Allied Armour Stowage Special

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WI344, This month’s theme is TANKS!

WI344 June Cover

The WI chaps look at both modelling and gaming with tanks, including pitting different rule sets against each other to see which provides the best ‘treadhead’ experience.

WI also have their regular features and a variety of non-theme articles for those of you who are not motivated by mechanised wargaming…

Check out the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine – WI344 June – for a great article on adding stowage to you Warlord Games Sherman tanks.

You can see one of the pages here and there are a further five in the magazine.


The same issue of WI also features a ‘Rules Showcase’ for Project Z, in which the WI team report on their first tryout of our Zombie Apocalypse game.

WI344 Print is in the shops now with WI Interactive (tablet edition) also available for download. For more information visit




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