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The competition run by those splendid chaps over at Wargames and Miniatures Paradise (WAMP) has now finished and what a startling success it has been, with the largest number of entries they’ve had for a painting competition! The standard has been very high and now it’s time to unveil the winning entries:

1st Place – Einar Olfafson’s “Mule and Donkey”

Einar Olfafson's "Mule and Donkey"

2nd Place – Bill Ford’s “The Angry Druid”

Bill Ford's "The Angry Druid"

3rd Place – Dave Jackson’s “Cartimandua: Brigantian Queen”

Dave Jackson's "Cartimandua: Brigantian Queen"

Congratulations to Einar, Bill and Dave!

And a big thanks to the veritable throng of painters that took part in the competition – we look forward to running many more painting competitions in the future!