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Tribal Warfare!

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The news so many of you have been waiting for is here – our Celtic Warriors hard plastic boxed set is released week commencing 9th June!

This, the second Warlord Games plastic boxed set, contains 30 multi-part models and optional extras such as standard variants, severed heads and spare weapons. Also included are full colour shield designs with artwork done by Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios.

When we first started to design our Imperial Roman and Celt ranges we wanted to ensure we captured the very essence of each army in its own right rather than just treating each as ‘just another army’ to be churned out.

With the Romans we wanted a more uniform look to reflect their well-drilled and disciplined nature. We also followed many historical accounts that the Celts were larger, more imposing than their Italian counterparts. Whether this was the Roman propaganda machine going to work and making the Celts out to be a more dangerous, savage foe than was reality is not known but we felt that it would be a nice touch to have a height difference between the two armies.

As a result the Celts are a couple of millimetres taller than the Romans (or the Romans are 2mm shorter!). When represented on the battlefield this difference is slight but noticeable and gives a very pleasing dynamic as the battlelines clash.

More metal!

As with our Imperial Roman range we’ll be providing everything you need for your Celtic army with much of it in metal. We already have chariots, cavalry, slingers, naked fanatics and druids finished or almost so. We’ll be bringing you release details for these metal models over the next few days.

As a taster let’s have a look at our new druid models. What we didn’t want for our Druids was something resembling Getafix from the Asterix cartoon series. We discussed potential archetypes in detail and came up with the following…