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The Antares Initiative Month 2 – Tupperforge!

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Scout Force from French Touch Group!

By Jonathan Manon

Here we are with the Month 2 article! With my others friends of the French Touch Group we are moving deeply into the wild of building our Scout Force!

For my part, last month, I left you with my Ghar army list, units I choose and of course the reason why I decided to expand the Ghar Empire supremacy across  the Galaxy. Now, it is time to talk about my feelings with Warlord Games Ghar stuff and about my special “colour scheme” I decided to apply on my Battlesuits and my lovely Outcast.
According to the Ghar Empire background, this people is very talented for only one thing : destroy everything on their way. They like war ever anything else so I wanted to show off this trait by using a small palette with few colors and because their society is strongly militarized and glorifiying the courage and efficacity, choose a camouflage theme was my first idea : they will have a great looking I thought.



So firstly, I will starting with the quality of the models : how did I find the miniatures and how easy to prepare them before painting. I will follow with the painting scheme and about the specific terrain according to the planet that has been given to us by the Antares Gourou : Andy^^

Just to remember : my Ghar Scout Force is composed with 1 unit of 4 Ghar Battle Squad, a unit of 3 Ghar Assault Squad and a unit of 9 Ghar Outcasts including one weapon team of Disruptor Cannon. So, according to this list, the miniatures are produced in plastic for the Battlesuits and un métal for the entire Outcast Squad.
According to me, all model plastic sprues are very well designed with very good details, well casted and the assembly is quite simple with some modularity with the heads and the arms orientation. The models have several parts to glue up and after cleaning them, I assembled the torso first followed by the legs and the arms. I think it is a good way to have a good looking miniature. Like my Drone Integration Concord Force, I glued some cork pièces for a better looking effects and to raise on the models on their own bases.


For the metal miniatures I was very stunned about the quality of the casting : very impressive work, no need to clean them up eccept on very small areas maybe that I’am too thorough… I like so much the Outcast miniatures : their strange faces and they are looking puny too.


For the army colour schemes, I choose to give to my miniatures an agressive looking theme because the Ghar love fighting than everything else! So, war like colors like black and red will be a good start I wondering me with flashy energy lights and of course fighting Spirit unit symbols with the Death as a centerpiece : the Ghar army just coming to destroy everyone and everything on their way, be afraid!!

So, I primed the Battlesuits with Black Spray first followed by a thin coat of white spray applied carefully with the zenithal technique. The goal is quite simple, to obtain a very good start when using the airbrush. By the way, I used my airbrush for only basics techniques (main color, first highlight and camouflage. I do prefer my very faithful brushes for the next steps! You will know more during the following months, stay tuned!



About the terrain, when we decided to divide the very cool stuff that Warlord Games sent to us, I decided to paint the wrecked skimmers and battlesuits casted in resin because they are too cool! And of course I will do more by adding the weathering on all terrain pieces for better looking effects.


At this time, my Ghar Scout Force is almost painted, two units are ready to be fielded to the front! Even as I progress very slowly, I really enjoy painting my miniatures and give them a very good look on the battlefield! Will my force really crush my mates army? We will start to know next Friday at our local club…

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