Terminator Genisys: Video Guides from Alessio

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Alessio and the River Horse Games crew are hard at work putting the final pieces into place for the release of the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game – at Salute, we had our first sighting of the painted human resistance figures, and a glimpse at all of the box content for the ‘War Against the Machines’ set…

This past week saw the initial releases from a playlist of instructional YouTube videos from River Horse, in which Alessio walks-and-talks us through some of the key elements of game play.


In the first video, Alessio talks you through future plans for Terminator Genisys the miniatures game – explaining his vision for the game, upcoming releases and expansions…



The second video covers the basics of movement



The third video explains the Fate System



The fourth video covers Special Characters


The fifth video tackles the subject of TDDs (or Temporal Displacement Devices)


In the sixth video, Alessio talks us through the various dice used in the game!


In the seventh video, Alessio covers the topics of Shooting and Melee Attacks!

In the eighth instructional Terminator Genisys video, Alessio explains the process of rolling to damage, and the various weapons in the game.

In the ninth video, we finish the enemy off!

The tenth video teaches us about Crawlers!

The eleventh video covers…. cover!

In the twelvth video, we take a look at the Underground Resistance Base!

There are more videos in the pipeline, so make sure that you’re subscribed to the River Horse YouTube Channel to keep up-to-date with the latest news!

The Terminator: Genisys Miniatures Game is scheduled to release alongside the Terminator: Genisys Movie in July but we’ve just intercepted and deciphered a series of coded messages from Skynet which suggest that there’ll be big news this Friday…