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Terminator Bundle Deal Attack!

Been waiting for that perfect Christmas present idea? Not been aware of just how fantastic and immersive Terminator Genisys is as a game? We’ve got a great deal put together for you, starting today through till Monday 30th. No more teetering on the edge for the rest of you either!


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We’ve built an amazing bundle deal, available this weekend only:

War Against The Machines starter set
+ Deluxe Gaming Mat
+ Endoskeletons or Resistance Soldiers boxed set
+ Character Pack

All this for just £70 / $112! (that’s a saving of over £43 / $68).

Terminator Combined

Step 1

Head over to the web store and grab your choice from either of these 2 sets:



Step 2

Then choose your set from one of the 4 Character packs:

What are you waiting for!

There’s so much packed in to this fantastic box, Take a look at these videos by the designer Alessio Cavatore, you won’t believe how quick you’ll be immersed trying to beat Skynet!

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