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Black Powder, French Indian War 1754-1763, Uniforms & History

Spotlight: Nottinghamshire and the French-Indian War

We’re very proud of our Nottinghamshire heritage here at Warlord Games, and were delighted to uncover a connection between our home city and the Dark & Bloody Ground of the French-Indian War. Raised in 1741 by Daniel Houghton as Houghton’s Regiment, Nottinghamshire’s first British Army regiment spent its early years on garrison duty in Gibraltar and Nova…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Uniforms & History

Unit Profile: The King’s German Legion

Exiles from a huge variety of European nations bolstered the British Army’s ranks during the Napoleonic Wars. This week, we’re looking at the King’s German Legion! In the spring of 1803, Napoleon’s war machine swept across continental Europe, sweeping aside any organised opposition. The Electorate of Hanover surrendered without a fight and its army was…