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Webstore: Pre-Painted Saxon Hovel

A stereotypical dwelling that could have been seen in Britain from the c9th. A highly detailed pre-painted building that is sure to bring any Saga to life. The Saxon Hovel…

Webstore: Viking Raiders special offer

Harald Steptoesson, special edition Viking 1 plastic Viking Ship 1 Vikings plastic boxed set Saving

Webstore: Viking Horde! special offer

Bent solely on pillaging monasteries, enslaving the helpless and massacring all who stood in their way the Viking Raiders are truly a force to be feared.   

Webstore: Hail Caesar Army Lists – Late Antiquity to early Medieval

Our latest publication is the second army list book for Hail Caesar 84pp softback book The following armys are included: Palmyran Middle Imperial Roman

Webstore: Norman Infantry plastic boxed set

The mounted knights of the familia regis may have dominated early medieval warfare, but they could not have done so without the support of the a steadfast foot contingent; men…

Webstore: Dark Ages: Norman Knights plastic boxed set

From the rain swept hills of England to the scorching deserts of the Holy Land the Norman Knight commanded the battlefield. A warrior raised in the saddle and trained in…

Webstore: Dark Ages: Saxon Thegns plastic boxed set

Gripping Beast’s plastic Saxon Thegns have arrived! The Thegns (pronounced Thanes) were nobles of Saxon England who held land in return for military service. In times of war they served…

Webstore: Dark Ages: Viking Hirdmen plastic boxed set

Warlord Games are pleased to present Gripping Beast’s new Viking Hirdsmen plastic boxed set.

Webstore: Dark Ages: Warriors

These Dark Age Warriors may be used to represent almost any unarmoured European warrior from the Late Antiquity to the Early Medieval period. They might be found in the Axillary…

Webstore: Harald Steptoesson, special edition Viking

Contains 1 metal model Supplied unpainted