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Spotlight: Mike Jackson’s English Civil War Cavalry

Our glorious leader, Mr Stallard, was overcome when he saw Warlord forum moderator Mike Jackson’s (Mikeland) conversions on our forums and wanted them to be shared with the world at large, so here they are in the creators own words…

Mike: Here are a set of 12 Horse I recently finished. I converted every one in some way.

These three were all modified to be given Harquebuses. I used a mixture of Pike and Shotte parts and hands from Bolt Action commandos. The one on the right I removed his head to turn it into the correct position.

These are all using pistols. For the one on the left I just repositioned his head and arm, and changed his face, for the middle one I added another pistol arm to his left hand, and used a Bolt Action hand. The chap on the right I replaced his arm with one from a Perry MIniatures sets, and I had to cut him at the waist to alter his position.

Command. For the Cornet and Standard I added additional weapons on their left hands. For the officer I used the arms from the Infantry command sprue.

The cavalryman here in the middle is my favourite. I used a Bolt Action head and added green stuff hair, cut at the waist to reposition him. The warhammer wielding horseman again uses a Bolt Action open hand and arm. The other chap (on the left) has a face replacement and just a re-positioned arm.

This links to the actual post on the Warlord Games forums.


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