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Spanish Napoleonic Infantry (1805-1811)

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Spanish Napoleonic Infantry (1805-1811)
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Fresh from the Studio, more images of our forthcoming Napoleonic Spanish, featuring different regimental colours. We’ve been allowed to preview a small selection…

Provincial Militia

The formation of the Spanish National Militia dates back to the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714). It didn’t come to full fruition until the Peninsular Campaigns of the Napoleonic wars, however. They continued to fight in the wake of the destruction of the Spanish Army, established at municipal and provincial levels, against Napoleonic France.

Provincial militia units tended to wear the same uniform as the line infantry with red facings.

2nd Swiss Infantry Regiment (Reding Senior)

The Swiss regiments were considered separate from the line and from the foreign regiments. Differing slightly to the line infantry, Swiss regiments had two battalions each of six companies.

The second Swiss Infantry Regiment (Reding Senior) were present at the Battle of Cardedeu of 16 December 1808, in the 1st Division of the Army of Granada
General Theodor von Reding.

The Swiss variation on the infantry uniform had a dark blue coat, white waistcoat, breeches, buttons and piping, and black gaiters.

36th Infantry Regiment (Irlanda)

Four foreign infantry regiments were part of the Spanish Order of Battle of the Peninsular wars – of these, three were “Irish”. However, all three regiments were severely understrength for the duration of the campaign.

The oldest of the “Irish” regiments serving in the Spanish Army. Their colours changed over time, eventually donning, in 1805, sky blue coats over yellow facings.

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s seemingly invincible French army suffered their first defeat of the Napoleonic Wars at the hands of the Spanish Army at Baylen in 1808. This was arguably the zenith of the Spanish army’s achievements during the wars.

History has not looked back favourably on the armies of Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. They suffered many defeats but also pinned down huge numbers of French troops in a vicious war that sapped the strength of innumerable French units only too glad to leave a country where they were so hated. Although the vicious Spanish guerrillas wreaked havoc upon their French foes the Spanish regulars also caused thousands of casualties on their home soil.

Most regiments had two battalions – the first composed of half of grenadiers and half of fusiliers with one flag, the Coronela; the second and third battalions were composed entirely of fusiliers carrying the distinctive Sencilla (or Ordenanza) white flag with red bourbon saltire. We know many gamers like to field two flags in a battalion no matter what history says so we’ve included two ensign figures per battalion. If you are more historically minded, we’ve added an extra fusilier (Shhh, don’t tell the boss…) free of charge for each of the three battalions!

A Spanish army looks terrific on the tabletop, and though generally of poor quality, quantity has a quality of its own, and the Spanish troops improved in the war. So, ensure your units have been blessed by the priest before leading them to drive out Boney’s hated invaders from mother Spain!

These high quality single piece miniatures are cast in our high quality Warlord Resin, ensuring a quick turnaround from assembly to tabletop battlefield. Full-colour flag sheets are also included with Sencilla/Ordenanza for the following regiments:

  • 1st Line Regiment (Rey)
  • 5th Line Regiment (Corona)
  • 18th Line Regiment (Burgos)
  • 36th Foreign Line Regiment (Irlanda)
  • 2nd Swiss Infantry Regiment (Reding Senior)
  • Ferdinando VII Volunteer Regiment

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