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Sneak Peeks: More Celts

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Following hot on the heels of the new Celt Slingers we have two more releases on the way…

Naked Fanatics

Clad with little more than a shield and a reckless attitude these chaps strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. Completely naked and covered in tribal tattoos these fearsome warriors charge headlong at the enemy line shrugging off flesh wounds in their single-minded desire to get stuck in! These superb, dynamic models provide a very characterful troop type for Celt players…

The Roman writers were clearly impressed by these maddened warriors, they were even recorded sledging down a mountainside on their shields after stripping off their constrictive clothes so they could close all the quicker with their foes!

We envisage gamers making up a warband with these fearless and fearsome fellows, seeing them as an extraordinary sect, shunned or feared by the rest of the army. They could, of course, be used as champions and heroes and mixed in to a plastic war band to give even more character and variety. Pop a Druid in there to make them even more ferocious and you have a human battering ram easily capable of piercing the Roman line.


Another very characterful unit – this time a Celt Houndmaster and his ferocious wolf hounds. The Houndmaster, with leashes wrapped around his arm and straining every sinew to keep his beasts in check wears the pelts of his past hounds and prepares to let slip the dogs of war (sorry, couldn’t resist it!).

Whilst there is much debate as to whether Celts used warhounds in battle we just find the idea way too appealing not to fall on the side of the argument that says they did! Certainly, Warhammer Ancient Battles allows you to slip in a unit to make your army that little bit more interesting, and as Warlord Games are all about excitement and fun, and ‘what ifs’ we couldn’t resist…