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Preview: Plastic Napoleonic Russians!

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Those of you who attended this year’s Salute show in London earlier this month will no doubt have been excited by all the planned releases (metal, plastic and resin!) we have coming through over the next few months. Suffice to say we’ll be showing stacks of them off on the newsletter over the coming weeks and we’re kicking things off with our second foray into Napoleonics (following our Prussian Landwehr) with these lovely Russians depicted in the stiff-legged march the Russians of the period were known for…

Russian Napoleonics

As you can see from the pictures of the 3-ups there is a lot of variety in terms of headgear with short shakos for musketeers and sporting plumes for grenadiers. Similarly there are tall shakos also in unplumed musketeer fashion and also with the remarkably ostentatious earlier plume for the ghrenadiers. There are also covered shakos included.

These miniatures are three part models – with two separate pieces (heads and backpack/ammo pouch/sword combination) – allowing you a great degree of variety (or uniformity if you prefer)  in your regiments  yet not having you chained to the desk for days building them.

We’ll bring you more pictures and details in the newsletter soon but for now all you need to know is they are away being tooled! No firm release date for them yet but you’ll be the first to know when we do! In the meantime check out next week’s newsletter where we’ll be previewing yet another plastic set and another period…