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Preview: New Model Army

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The latest sculpts off Wojtek’s desk are these new models for the New Model Army. There are more on the way for this set but we thought you’d want to see these as soon as we could show them off…

Warlord’s resident Royalist, John Stallard gives us his ‘unbiased’ opinions of the brave New Model Army:

New Model army

Well, for rebels I  suppose they are  acceptable and just about pass muster. Scruffy lot mind – those trousers on the officer, well, what does he look like ?  All “modern” I’m sure, we prefer ours the old fashioned way – voluminous, comfortable and stylish! And what IS he carrying? Oh, a leading staff – how passe. Haven’t carried one of those in years…

New Model army

That Sergeant looks like a rogue, a real crop-head, that one! And the drummer looks plainly dressed, thats why the NMA are such a rabble – they have no discernable standards, I say.

As for the rank and file, the pike are a tough-looking lot – no armour and some of them even not wearing a metal helmet. Madness. I imagine they are relying on their surplus of musketeers to keep any Royalist cavalry at bay. They are all formed up in their show off  “salvo fire” formation where the front ranks kneel, the second stoop and the third close up and stand so that all 3 ranks can fire one devastating volley, all at once. They have a mix of matchlocks and some flintlocks, and some have the new fangled cartridges in a belly box rather than the dangling clattering bandoliers that most musketeers have used  the last few years – progress eh?

The lot of them wearing all manner of hats, many of them the good old Monmouth knitted cap, waterproof and warm, and all made near Kidderminster (not a lot of people know that…) and not in Monmouth…

Thinking about them, they could fight for any of the nations these days, the day of the armoured man seems over, and gunpowder looks triumphant.

Oh well, time to dust down my trusty firelock and fight fire with fire…