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Painting Using The Army Painter System – 5: Basing

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By Dr Phil Hendry

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Preparation

Part 3: Painting

Part 4: ‘Dipping’

After ‘dipping’ comes basing.  I do all my basing the same way, to create a unified look.  First of all, I glue on a mixture of sand and fine grit in little patches.

Army Painter Dip How-To

I paint the whole base with Vallejo Green Brown and drybrushed the sand patches with Bleached Bone.

Army Painter Dip How-To

Army Painter Dip How-To

After that, I glue on two layers of Woodland Scenics ‘Green Blend’ turf (one layer seems rather thin and patchy), and add some Army Painter ‘tufts’.  And Hey Presto – FINISHED!

Army Painter Dip How-To

Army Painter Dip How-To

Army Painter Dip How-To

I hope this was informative. I’ve managed to paint more figures in less than a year than in the previous five put together.  They look even better ‘en masse’ on the table-top than they do individually.

I have a web-page with a blog, where I discuss my take on the hobby, and show off progress of projects – do drop by!