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New: Osprey – Hurricane Aces 1941-45

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Hurricane Aces 1941-45

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Author: Andrew Thomas
Illustrator: John Weal
Publication Date: 21 Nov 2003
Number of Pages: 96

The Hurricane saw widespread action with Allied forces, as the RAF’s first monoplane fighter. This book describes its many feats throughout 1945. It served as a fighter-bomber on the Channel Front, where the American Eagles and Polish units were amongst the Fighter Command squadrons flying the Hurricane, and where some of its highest-scoring aces operated. The Sea Hurricane was the principal fighter deployed by the Fleet Air Arm in the Mediterranean, and Hurricane units continued to operate from bases in India and Ceylon until 1945, following their failure to defend Singapore and Malaya from the Japanese.

Biographical Note

Andrew Thomas is one of Britain’s most pre-eminent RAF researchers, having published numerous squadron histories. He is presently a serving officer in the RAF.John Weal has been a freelance airbrush artist since the days of the monthly RAF Flying Review and his love of aircraft make his profile artwork a treat for students of the subject. John has also written several Aircraft of the Aces volumes, and two books on the JU 87 in the companion series, Combat Aircraft.