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Oddball Rules PDF: Bolt Action Units and Force Selectors

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A firm favourite here in the Warlord office, Kelly’s Heroes the movie has fired the imagination for generations. Oddball Heroes is a natural fit with the Bolt Action rules and the sets just ooze character!


Tucked in each box set you’ll find an 8 page booklet giving you a taster of the colourful heroes and vehicles found within the pages of the novel and as seen in the movie, complete with their special rules for your games of Bolt Action. You can also download a copy for FREE here:



But that’s just the small version!

With loving passion for both the movie and Bolt Action, writer Mark Barber has brought together a fantastic series of scenarios, packed full of 1970s humour, film one-liners, and all the characters from the film (plus more of the less well known heroes). The scenarios are presented together with the units and force selectors in a 20 page full colour Bolt Action rules supplement, this is your must have movie action-packed set!


As the movie was aiming more at laughs rather than documentary realism, we suggest you view the following rules in the same light! These ain’t for tournament players!

Download your full colour Kelly’s Heroes background and rules for less than a cup of coffee (£2.50/$4.00) sit back and plan your weekend’s gaming!


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“Crazy… I mean like, so many positive waves… maybe we can’t lose, you’re on!”


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