Now Available: Mantic Undead!

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Even the cold grasp of the grave can’t keep those fine fellows at Mantic from producing more great miniatures with their Kings of War line for your fantasy tabletop battles! We now have their line of blood-curdling Undead models available for you to strike down any who would oppose you.

The Mantic Death Kings Cabal

Necromancers and Revenant Kings are just two of the options you have to lead your armies on the battlefield against your fleshy enemies. The Death Kings Cabal boxed set contains one (1) Male Necromancer, one (1) Female Necromancer, one (1) Revenant King, and one (1) Revenant King Standard Bearer as well as the usual assortment of Mantic extras like a protective carrying case.

Mantic Skeleton Warriors

What Undead army doesn’t need Skeletons? This box contains a full regiment of twenty (20) finely detailed plastic Skeletons armed with spears and hand weapons, including a command group. Additionally there are skeletons climbing from the ground, extra weapons, 20mm bases and shield stickers.

Mantic Ghouls

Are you feeling a bit peckish? Well so are these frenzied and cannibalistic Ghouls! The Ghoul Troop boxed set contains ten (10) of these rabid and agile beasts to unleash on your opponent’s hapless forces.

Mantic Undead Paint Set

As if the miniatures weren’t enough, Mantic is bringing you paint sets as well! All wrapped in one Mantic carry case, the Undead paint set features 6 “Warpaints” colours themed around the Undead (Black, White, Bone, Red, Blue and Armour), a paintbrush, a sprue of 10 plastic skeletons, and 2 Mantic points. These high quality acrylic paints are the best available for painting miniatures with, producing a strong even finish.

This is just a sampling of what Mantic has to offer! You can find the the full selection of their offer right now in the Warlord webstore.