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New: Unarmoured Hoplites!

Only the wealthier Greeks would have been able to afford the type of body armour, ornate helm and shield we imagine when the word ‘hoplite’ is mentioned. The reality is that the majority of hoplites in a Greek army would be largely unarmoured. These sculpts represent these nicely…

The majority of Hoplite’s in a Greek army of this time would have been unarmoured, carrying only a spear and shield to protect himself.  Each man was expected to equip himself at his own expense, a shield and spear being the minimum to stand in the ranks of the hoplite’s. Any less and he would have to join the Psiloi. If a man could afford a helmet it would probably be crestless, as a horse hair crest would be an extra expense! Again, greaves could be bought, but only the richest could afford full Hoplite Panoply.

A simple linen or wool tunic would have been worn, it is highly unlikely that a hoplite would have fought naked. As with other hoplite’s, sandals were not worn in battle at this time.

These new metal miniatures are ideal to represent a unit of poorer hoplites or to mix into your existing plastic units.

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