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New: Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Expansion!

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The fair land of Crystalia is under siege. The Dark Consul and his monsters plague the land, corrupting and destroying all before them. All that stands in the way are brave Heroes like you!

Super Dungeon Explore brings classic video game style hack and slash adventures to your tabletop. Heroes are pitted against the evil Dark Consul in a fast-paced dungeon battle game. Gather powerful loot, customize your Heroes, and defeat the dungeon’s boss!

Easy to learn, yet full of tactical depth that will keep you coming back game after game, Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King brings 8-Bit video game style adventure to your tabletop as only Soda Pop Miniatures can!

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Forgotten King is the third expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, and is an exciting new starting point for playing games of Super Dungeon Explore with your friends. This box set is designed to deliver an enhanced game experience that updates gameplay for veteran players, while providing a perfect entry point for new players.

Forgotten King is a stand-alone board game that includes everything you need to play Super Dungeon Explore

Game Modes

Forgotten King features two game modes: Classic and Arcade.

In Classic Mode, one player assumes the role of the Dark Consul and opposes the other players. As the Consul they control all of the monsters in the dungeon, attempting to defeat the Heroes and bring darkness to Crystalia.

In Arcade Mode, all players take the role of the Heroes. The Arcade Deck controls the dungeon, issuing the Consul’s commands for his minions: how they engage the Heroes, where to attack, and when to unleash their devastating special actions.

Forgotten King Box Updated


The ‘Forgotten King’ Box Set contains;

  • 58 Pre-Assembled Plastic Models:
    5 Unique Heroes
    6 Unique Pets
    3 Unique Boss Monsters
    39 Minion Monsters
    5 Treasure Chests
  • 32-page, Full Color, Classic Mode Rulebook
  • 40-page, Full Color, Arcade Mode Rulebook
  • 20-page, Full Color, Explorer’s Handbook
  • 6 Fully Illustrated, Double-Sided, Dungeon Tiles
  • 150+ Full Color Game Cards
  • 150+ Full Color Tokens

Forgotten King Content

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If you are already a fan of Super Dungeon Explore, Forgotten King is fully backwards compatible with your existing models and game cards. Forgotten King includes a short errata detailing any necessary changes you need to take into account.