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New: Soviet BT-7A Self-Propelled Gun

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Since releasing our ‘Ostfront’ Bolt Action Theatre Book, the Soviet reinforcements have been pouring onto tabletop battlefields across the globe!

With the Winter-equipped Soviet Infantry and plastic T34/76 strengthening the Soviet resolve, it’s time to follow up with some more firepower in the form of the BT-7A Self-Propelled Gun! Finnish players will also have an eye on this new tank as the Finns captured these and repurposed them to face their former owners!


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Designed as an infantry support gun, the BT-7A made good use of the successful BT-7 chassis and married it to the turret design from the T-28 so it could mount a 76.2mm howitzer. 154 BT-7As were produced between 1936 and 1938with many being further upgraded in 1939.

Soviet armoured units were usually accompanied by a battery of BT-7As to provide fire support – the BT-7s would tackle enemy tanks while the BT-7As would target enemy infantry and soft targets.

Due to the weight of the new turret and main gun the BT-7A wasn’t able to run on roadwheels alone, instead having to rely solely on it’s tracks – unlike its predecessors the BT-5 and BT-7.






The BT-7A is the latest in a line of Soviet reinforcements rolling-out to support our ‘Ostfront’ Bolt Action Theatre Book – which focuses on the Eastern Front battles of the Second World War – a must for all budding Soviet commanders!

Soviet Reinforcements


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