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New: Roman Caesarian Casualties

Our Caesarian Roman range receives new models this week in the form of these grisly casualty models! Ideal for use as casualty markers for games of Hail Caesar, they are also good for adding into your units to show a cohort in battle of for your enemies to add to the bases of their own warriors as vanquished foes!

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The pack contains 12 random metal casualty foot figures which also look great mixed in with your plastic legionnaires.

buy now in store

buy now in store

These two fabulous plastic box sets Caesarian Romans with pilum and Caesarian Romans with gladius are both available now in our webstore and dont forget we are still offering up the opportunity to assemble the legions while saving yourself some sestertii…

Caesarian roman deal

Caesarian roman deal – 3 boxes of your choice save 10%

Caesars Legions Deal

Caesars Legions Deal – 6 boxes of your choice for the price of 5.

Might of Rome Deal

Might of Rome Deal – 10 boxes of your choice for the price of 8!

As well as the great deals above we have started to assemble a range of Republican Romans in our webstore with plans a foot for future recruits!

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