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New: ProCreate sculpting putty!

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Warlord’s in-house sculptor, Wojtek, introduces ProCreate – a new sculpting putty which we now have for sale.

Grey Stuff

ProCreate (commonly known as Grey Stuff) is a two-part epoxy resin designed to produce finely detailed models.

Nowadays many sculptors use ProCreate exclusively or in conjunction with the more traditional Green Stuff as it’s easier to master. It also cures far faster, is less ‘sticky’ and also cheaper – what’s not to like?

When I started sculpting the main medium available to use was Green Stuff or Milliput. Used originally to caulk windows and to seal radiators Green Stuff is very easy to mix but also rather sticky (as your fingers will attest to!) and when it cures it gives extra volume to fill any gaps.

ProCreate, on the other hand, has been produced specifically with sculptors in mind. Light grey in colour, it is a very aesthetic medium to work with and provides a lovely contrast on the model when details are sculpted. By mixing more, or less, of the darker putty into the mix you can achieve different results in your sculpting – add more of the lighter colour and it takes longer to cure, giving you more time to sculpt. Add more of the darker colour and the end result will be tougher and is ideal for making dollies or weapons.

All you need to get started is a pack of ProCreate and a sculpting too. I use the Army Painter sculpting tools as well as a home made needle tool.

I hope to show you how I make elements such as hair, fur, pouches, etc in future Warlord newsletters – until then have a dabble with ProCreate yourself and have fun!



Don’t just take Wojtek’s word for it – have a look at some of the sculpts in the Warlord ranges that have used ProCreate:

Pike & Shotte Montrose Irish

Bolt Action Waffen-SS

Bolt Action Fallschirmjager

You can get your hands on this superb sculpting medium on our webstore here.

As we know you’ll love this stuff and will need plenty of it we’ve put together this special offer to get three packs of ProCreate and save yourself some of your hard-earned…