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New: Plastic Spartans!

With our acquisition of Immortal Miniatures recently we’ve spent some time reorganising the range for rerelease. The first to be reborn under our Hail Caesar range are the plastic Spartans. Have a look at what are arguably the most famous fighting men down the ages as they are available right now in our web store.

Spartan Hoplites were respected and feared throughout Greece, and it was long thought that no land power could stand against them. Lacedaemon, with Sparta as its capital, stood firm against the imperial ambitions of the Athenians.

The Classical period saw the height of Sparta’s power as well as its eventual downfall at the hands of the Thebans. This box allows you to build 40 Spartan Hoplites, wearing their distinctive Pilos helmets, long hair and characteristic beards. Also included is a sheet of waterside transfers with a selection of uniform lambda for the Hoplites’ shields, and two sprues of arrows to further decorate your shields and bases.

Now march on Athens and crush their oppressive democracy!

The new boxed set now contains 40 plastic Spartans, includes a full-colour shield design waterslide transfer sheet and we’ve also added in a bunch of metal arrows for you to glue into shield faces or the bases of your models  to give them a real battle-hardened look – you can see how the arrows can be used by looking at our Imperial Roman Testudo which also incorporates the arrows.


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