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New: Pike & Shotte New Model Army!

Our eagerly awaited New Model Army boxed set is now here! Containing 29 metal miniatures this set represents Parliament’s all-conquering army – the forerunner of the famous British redcoat that would dominate the world for many years to come…

The new metal boxd set contains 16 musketeers, 8 pikemen and four command models (officer, ensign, drummer and sergeant). Also included is an exclusive preacher miniature whipping his flock up into a frenzy before letting them loose on the Royalists (or Irish…).

As befits a puritan force the miniatures have little humour about them, as they go about their business with God in their hearts and steely determination in their eyes.

All the miniatures (apart from the Preacher) have separate headgear so you have plenty of opportunity to customise your force. Whilst loads of suitable metal hats, caps and helmets are included you might also like to have a look at the others in our range too.

The New Model Army (we won’t tell you what Warlord Supremo and staunch Royalist, John Stallard calls them…) were truly a force to be reckoned with and you can start your own army with these great new models (see what we did there?) now.


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