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New: Pike & Shotte Herald!

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For those of you looking for a a trumpeter with a great deal of panache or perhaps to add to that high command diorama you’ve been thinking of we have just the thing for you in our Mounted Herald


The clarion call of a trumpet could be used to signify a ceasefire and a parley at sieges with the rider trotting forward, perhaps in some trepidation, as although heralds and messengers were technically non-combatants and were to be offered all the dignities of their position, it was not always so…


Our richly dressed fellow could be used as a herald, or accompanying his Lord General on the battlefield. He can also be added to regular cavalry regiments as a more flamboyantly dressed Trumpeter as was the custom of the time if money allowed!

Either way, gorgeously dressed with hanging sleeves, rich brocade and plumed hat, this chap will be a joy to paint and a fine addition to your Thirty Years War armies or on the blood-soaked British battlefields during the English Civil Wars…