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New: Pike & Shotte Clubmen!

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As one of the most popular elements of our Pike & Shotte range, the Clubmen have now been reinforced! Added new musteeers and pikemen into the mix and chock full of character too they’re bound to go down well (unless you’re thinking of stealing their livestock of course…). Have a look at the new sculpts here and snaffle yourself a few.


The three pike-armed Clubmen shown above are supplied with steel pikes – you could of course convert them them with some of the hand weapons found in The Armoury for more variety in your force. You’ll also find loads of options for headgear in The Armoury too.


Completing this pack of six models (3 pikemen and 3 musketeers) are these three chaps and the sprue of hats, helmets and caps.


You can add your own band of clubmen by clicking here.