This superb new resin and metal baggage wagon is now available. With two Pike & Shotte supplements being worked on at the moment, it’s a great time to add tour army or start a new one!


Essential for every army on campaign, a baggage wagon would be used to carry the portable equipment and supplies of an army, with hundreds of baggage wagons forming an army’s supply train.

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These were multi-purpose vehicles but were particularly used to transport hay and forage for horses, and food and supplies for the soldiers. However as well as food, ammunition, animal fodder and loot, the baggage wagon would carry the servants of the officers, tradesmen such as armourers, farriers and blacksmiths and the wives and families of the troops.

You can couple a baggage wagon with our Pike & Shotte General’s coach to represent the army generals belongings. Playing a scenario to capture your opponents baggage train could make for a very entertaining battle!


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