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New: More Pre-Painted Pike & Shotte Regiments!

Our first batch of Pike & Shotte battle ready regiments went down a storm. So much so we’ve had a load more painted for you and this time they’re an even better price! Check out the latest batch and add them to your army!

Pre-painted Regiment

Pre-painted Regiment

In June we brought you some lovely painted Romans ready to march to glory straight out of the box. We promised we would do some more, so our good pals at Ibis Miniatures ( have been burning the midnight oil to bring us ten splendidly turned out English Civil War regiments of foote!

And very nice they are too…

We have five blue coated regiments and five red; these two colours being the most common in the Civil War, common that is to both sides, The Bluecoats would do for instance for Rupert’s brave boys or for Lord Saye and Seles’ Parliamentarians.

Redcoat regiments could easily represent Manchester’s Rebel units or Hammonds, and many later New Model Army units or even, with suitable change of standards, grace the table as the King’s Guard or many of the newly modelled Royalist army that the King formed whilst in Oxford.

Forty models, all based, flat varnished and ready to fight – straight out of the box!

We leave only the flags for you place as there were so many units in the period we would not be so presumptive as to tell you which regiment you must form!

Included with each regiment are 2 sheets of flags, one Royalist and one Parliament which gives you great variety.

Pick up one these limited pre-painted regiments quickly! Choose Red or Blue.

Or go all out and grab a Brigade deal! With our Brigade offer you can choose any combination of Red or Blue Infantry so you can get fighting right away with 120 painted models all based, flat varnished and ready to fight – straight out of the box! Save a bundle of both time and cash!

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