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New: More Forgecraft bases!

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You’re really been taken by these remarkable sculpted bases from Forgecraft Gamesand, along with a big restock, we also have a bunch of new releases for you!

First up are these cool steampunk-styled 40mm round bases for all you Anachronistic type folks out there. Good for games of Space Hulk amongst other things (Necromunda too if anyone still plays that!)…

Adding to the existing range  of ‘Descent into the Depths‘ bases these 60mm round bases are perfect for mini-dioramas and the bigger type of beasty!

Next up is a new range of volcanic wastelend styled bases – Fire & Brimstone. These lava-strewn, or lunar-looking bases are currently available in 25mm x 50mm cavalry, 30mm rounds, 40mm square, and 50mm x 100mm chariot sizes.

Adding the the Highland Crags range are these round, rolled edge offerings as well as square-edged chariot bases. Available in 30mm rounds, 40mm rounds, and 50mm x 100mm chariot as well as the current sizes these are ideal for basing our Pike & Shotte Highlanders amongst other things!

Last but not least we’re adding these larger  40mm square and 50mm x 100mm chariot bases to the Slate Ruins range. Go get ’em!