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New: Landsknecht reinforcements have arrived!

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This week sees further reinforcements arrive from our recently acquired range of Landsknechts from Pro Gloria Miniatures – we’re delighted to release the Handbüchse light gun, Arquebusiers, Street Entertainers, Civic Duty, and Market Day sets!

First-up we have the Handbüchse (or ‘Hand Rifle’) – a potent support weapon used by the Landsknechts during sieges and against war wagons.


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Next, we have Landsknecht Arquebusiers – early firearm-wielding troops from the 15th and 16th Century.


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Last (but by no means least!) we have three sets of civilian characters – which would could be used to represent Militia fighters, Civilian models, Objective Markers, or perhaps they’d make a nice diorama…


This pack cotains an, er, ‘lady’ offering horizontal refreshment to passers by and weary Landsknechts, an actor with animal mask and two musicians. Hey nonny nonny!

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As the title suggest this pack consists of various tradespeople and their marks, er, customers – a cobbler and his bemused customers,an armourer, an aged beggar and a woman with a large jug…

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This pack holds three men in the service of their town/city – a usually-vigilant sentry (caught after a night with the lady in the Street Entertainers pack?), a town crier and a priest spreading the word of his God amongst the masses.

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We have plenty more Pro Gloria releases due over the coming months, so keep watching our Newsletters, Facebook Page, and website to ensure that you’re kept up-to-date with the latest releases!


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