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New: Kaiser Maximillian I (Young & Old) + Götz von Berlichingen & Georg von Frundsberg

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Kaiser Maximillian I, also known as Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, is ready to lead his armies across Europe with Götz von Berlichingen and Georg von Frundsberg by his side.

Kaiser Maximillian I (Young & Old)


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Waging war against France and within Italy, Maximillian hired sleuths of Landsknechts. Maximillian was keen to give the men freedom to wear what they wanted, and this resulted in plumes, slashed sleeves and bright colours.

This blister pack contains 2 metal models of Maximillian I depicting him in his finely wrought armour and his younger self:



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Götz von Berlichingen & Georg von Frundsberg


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Gottfried “Götz” von Berlichingen was also known as Götz of the Iron Hand he was a German Imperial Knight and a mercenary. In 1498, he fought in the armies of Kaiser Maximillian I and afterwards sold his services to many countries and royal family members.

This blister pack contains Götz von Berlichingen & Georg von Frundsberg.

Georg von Frundsberg was also known as the ‘father of the Landsknechts’ served Kaiser Maximillian I from 1499 and well into the Italian wars. Calling his fellow mercenaries sons, he was known to be a capable and chivalrous soldier and a devoted servant.


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Men To Command:

Maximillian is certainly ready to beat the Swiss and the French into submission and to do that he needs devoted, and regimented, men under his service – he could have no better than the Landsknechts:

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