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New: Greek Command!

Adding more presence and variety to the front line of your hoplite phalanx, these three Greek commanders will add steely discipline to your troops as they face down their enemies up close and personal.

One of these metal models holds his sword aloft whilst the other two carry the trademark hoplite spear. All three carry the flat-fronted hoplite shield allowing you to decorate them with the waterslide decals found in the plastic boxed sets or the fantastic new transfer sheets from Little Big Men Studios!

All good commanders need troops to lead and in the front row of a greek phalanx is a heroic place to be!

The new Greek command pack will sit perfectly with our new plastic Ancient Greek Hoplites. With 42 models for £20 they’re cracking value. We’ve even added metal arrows to decorate shield and bases as well as a colour waterslide shield designs transfer sheet – bargain!

Anyone playing games of Hail Caesar (and why wouldn’t you?) will need casualty markers and the three unfortunate sculpts below are just the job! The are ten casualties in a pack for £12.


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