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New: Flying Standard 10 ‘Tilly’!

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The latest rerelease from the BEF Miniatures range is this classic light truck which served British Commonwealth forces during the early stages of the war, in the deserrt campaign and in North West Europe post D-Day. Get your hands on this charming resin and metal vehicle here.


The model is supplied with a driver. You can choose whether to cut the thin membrane of resin out where the windows are and show the driver (you could even add blister pack plastic to simulate windows!) or simply paint the windows as they are.


For paint schemes and modelling ideas look no further than the Standard Light Utility Truck website


You can purchase one of these vehicles here in the webstore.

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We also still have limited amounts of previous BEF original stock on hand but they’re depleting fast. Get these now before they’re gone, or you’ll have to wait until they’re re-released months down the line!