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New: Caesarian Roman Command & Scorpion!

Available this week in our webstore are the first two support packs to accompany our new plastic Caesarian Romans…

The first is this all metal command group ideal for providing variety in the front ranks of your Roman units.

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Manned by two Legionaries this war machine fires a heavy arrow unerringly into the massed ranks of the enemy or dashes defenders from their fortifications.

Every century in a Legion would have one of these bolt-throwers attached to it. One can only imagine the affect that massed ranks of these pouring steel-tipped bolts into the enemy position would have had.

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Available right now to form the core of your army, each box contains 24 plastic infantry including a command and as shown earlier will be supported by a range of metal and resin models like the metal command group and scorpion above.

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As you can see, these models are considerably different from our Imperial Roman legionaries with chainmail armour, oval shields and Montefortino helmet.

As you’d imagine, the plastic command group comprises of centurion, standard bearer and musician. Using the same bodies as the legionaries, these will be able to be built in a variety of poses as a result.

We have also released ten different Caesarian shield transfers created by Little Big Men studios to help you get your legionaries ready for battle!!

These two fabulous plastic box sets Caesarian Romans with pilum and Caesarian Romans with gladius are both available now in our webstore and dont forget we are still offering up the opportunity to assemble the legions while saving yourself some sestertii…

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Caesarian roman deal – 3 boxes of your choice save 10%

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Caesars Legions Deal – 6 boxes of your choice for the price of 5.

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Might of Rome Deal – 10 boxes of your choice for the price of 8!

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