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Model Of The Week: German Infantry Flamethrower

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Taking a break from the phones in the Warlord sales office, Little Steve tells us why he’s so enamored by these…

I love the smell of napalm in the morning – smells like… victory.


Finally after all the bosses have had their turn at picking their favourite models, they had no choice to let me have a go. I’m not really one for historical accuracy, that has always seemed to me to be a problem for figure designers and rules lawyers to worry about. Nope, I want great looking models, I want to feel like I’m on the battlefield and I want to see some really awe-inspiring weapons. To me none of our models sum this up as beautifully as our German soldat with Flamethrower.


The flammenwerfer 35 (thrower of flames) is a deadly weapon that was extremely effective at close range. It is capable of projecting a burst of flaming fuel up to 25 metres from the firer. A truly horrific weapon this was also known as the “skinsteal”, I will leave you to think about the unpleasantness that lead to this nickname. Needless to say the users of this weapon were very quickly singled out as targets by the Allied forces.

The pose is fantastic, the soldat is leaning back as he unleashes hell, bathing all around him in flames. You can imagine him wrestling with the flames, trying to keep away from the heat even as he does so. The over-sized goggles lend to this image as well offering him some protection against the heat but also making the face seem somewhat impersonal, as quite rightly fits the type of cold-hearted killer that would wish to use one of these weapons. A more talented painter than I could paint the flames reflection in the glasses, making for a truly terrifying image.


For me this also encapsulates the image that we try to portray at Warlord. With the flames gushing out of the front pipe this model is full of life and has a comic book feel to it, ripped straight from the pages of Commando and War Action books. I can imagine my opponent staying out of the way of this model just because of its presence on the battlefield, regardless of the rule set that we play with. Mixed in with our recently released plastic German Infantry this will be a great stand out model.


Even better this model comes in the German Army Specialists pack which features a Panzerschreck team running, both of which feature our Figurehead system allowing you to easily customise metal miniatures. All together this makes a pack so full of life that I half expect the models to run out of our display cabinet and attack the Pike & Shotte miniatures on the other side!