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Model Of The Week – Ancient British Mastiffs

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Our resident Canuckian, Kristen, takes a turn telling us about the model she admires from one of our ranges. Let’s see what she has to say, eh?

Kristen: Despite the fact that I am clearly a girl and a colonial, the bosses have seen fit to relieve me of my embroidery work for the day to let me choose this week’s Model of the Week.


I have chosen the Ancient Briton Mastiff Pack. This may have to do with a review I read recently in the Spectator on a book called Tommy’s Ark: Soldiers and their Animals in the Great War, detailing the lot of the countless animals that were drafted into service in WWI; namely untold numbers of horses, mules and dogs. The Mastiff Pack perfectly embodies this same spirit of man and animal living, working and fighting together. The dogs are sculpted and posed to display maximum strength and ferocity, with tightly muscled bodies and impossibly heavy jaws. The packmaster strains under the eager weight of his charges, and his facial expression belies one that feels the power of his dogs as an extension of his own.


I love these figures because they portray an image that is every bit as martial as Tommies crouching behind a Vickers. The mastiffs are weapons, but they are also companions, compatriots and comrades. Their sacrifice is no less noble, and their tenacity no less terrifying.

In fact, given the choice, I think I’d rather stare down the barrel of a Vickers.

At least it would be over quickly.

You can pick up your own pack of muscled fury here or a nab a group with a Packmaster, right here.