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Korean War – Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army

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Alongside the brand new Korea book comes a host of new figures! A great selection of new miniatures for the Chinese army provide an ideal starting point.

Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army


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Chinese Army

Bolt Action: Korea hits your local stockists this August. This offer allows you to get one of each of the new Chinese miniatures for the Korea range. We have also included the new BTR-40 transport and a bit of extra firepower in the form of the M3 Stuart:


Chinese PVA Support Group



  • Korean War: Chinese PVA Infantry Squad
  • Korean War: Chinese PVA Conscript Squad
  • Korean War: Chinese PVA support group
  • Korean War: North Korean KPA BTR-40 APC
  • M3 Stuart


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Begin your Korean War

Inside the book, you’ll find a comprehensive history of the conflict with details of every major battle fought between the two sides. It also includes details of the various forces and their organisation, commanders, and equipment. Scenarios are provided for many of the battles, along with comprehensive force selectors to help you assemble your force.

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